Patient Instructions For the Surgery Center

Before a Reservation May be Made:

Schedule a History and Physical (H&P) appointment with the patient’s physician to clear the patient for surgery and the use of general anesthesia.  Physicals are good for 30 days.

Guardian/ Care Giver must call 918-352-3312 to inform the office of the H&P appointment date, Doctor, and fax #.  You will be directed to a voicemail where you will provide this information.

Obtain a copy of the History and Physical (H&P) and FAX to 918-223-3165 or EMAIL to A copy may also be brought to Drumright Dental Center or mailed to 1226 W. Broadway, Drumright, OK 74030

Procedures are performed at the Hillcrest Hospital, Cushing. We will call the day before the surgery center reservation to confirm the patient’s check-in time.

Day of Reservation:

On the day before surgery, the patient cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight. No water, no soup, no candy, nothing. Patient can have nothing the morning of dental surgery appointment as well.


    • Do not brush the patient’s teeth and do not let the patient have anything in his/her mouth (no gum, no mints…)
    • Bring an extra change of clothes to the surgery appointment, just in case they are needed.
    • Young children must have an age appropriate car seat in place in order to be discharged from Hillcrest Hospital Cushing.
    • Bring the patient’s insurance card to the Hillcrest Hospital Cushing so they can make a copy for their records.
    • Parents must bring his/her ID to the Hillcrest Hospital Cushing. A guardian must bring legal guardianship papers.