Hospital Dentistry

Hospitality Dentistry

At Drumright Regional Hospital, our doctor completes the recommended dental care while you or your child is completely asleep, under a general anesthetic.  You will see there is no better place to schedule for your dental care under a general anesthetic.

There may be numerous reasons why you or your child is recommended for dental care under general anesthesia. The most common reason is the child is too young or apprehensive to sit in the dental chair so that dental treatment can be completed. Other reasons might include handicaps preventing the patient from sitting in the dental chair for long or multiple appointments. Sometimes complicating medical conditions could lead to a recommendation for the surgery center treatment.

Important Information

  • Please do not consume any food or drink after 12:00am the night before your procedure. If you do consume any food or drink, please notify the staff. Your procedure may need to be rescheduled.
  • Please wear no jewelry or make-up.
  • The parent or guardian must remain on the premises of Drumright Regional Hospital during any surgical procedure of a minor.
  • A child safety Car Seat will be required for transporting any child four years and younger or under 40 lbs.