Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

I am guardian of my developmentally disabled brother. I called more than a month ago to try and get him in for obvious (and very tearful) tooth pain. He would need to be sedated, so the potential future care of him was a bit more involved. They summarily dismissed the “urgency”, informing me they had 300 other patients to consider. In a nutshell, they couldn’t be bothered. We have now found a caring and compassionate dentist closer to home who saw my brother within 3 days of my call for a consult, diagnosing what could be a very serious problem, and has set a plan in motion for addressing the problem. If DDC can’t be bothered with one special needs patient, I have to wonder what the rest of their 300 patients must go through to get the care they need, especially in an emergency situation.